Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am afraid to embrace who I have been, the worst that has happened to me and made me a part of who I am. I am running inside, from what might happen again some time, and losing touch with beauty and stillness, with my own soul.  Forgetting what I really want. Forgetting that Magic is real.

Please take me by the hand and lead me back to still waters and green pastures. Help me to accept that you turn the worst into my best ... that I might pass that on. That you stand guard at the gate to the sheepfold, rod and staff in hand.

I don't believe so much that you allowed this to happen -- filtered it through your love [is there a verse for that? I can't think of one.] Rather I  believe that you chose to walk through it with me ... all the darkness and pain ... your cloak around me keeping me warm.

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